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Dragan Milinković Fimon


Ph.D in Filmology at Faculty of Drama Arts, London-Belgrade and Post-doctorate studies in Paris, Moscow, Seoul, London and Montreal. he has been the Art Director of Belgrad’s National Ballet “Kolo“ (1983-87). Since 1997 full-time professor at the Academy of Drama Arts in Cetinje, AFA and Art Academy in Belgrade, University of Culture in Istanbul, ICC Turin, European Film Acadamy ESRA in Skopje. He also has been producer, author, director or associate in several movies and TV projects, founder and director of the first Independent Children Theatre in Cetinje. He has written several books and essays on Filmhistory and theory, sociology of arts, cultural economics and economics of arts. He also has been the directorof several effective film workshops on the theme of media education, relationships between cinema andliterature, basic film education for children, east european cinema and etc. he has attended many internationalfilm festivals as jury member. He is the executive director of Serbian Film Centre, president of the SerbianFederation of Film Societies and director of SEE A PARIS, South East European film Festival, Paris.




Ebrahim Foroozesh



Graduated in film and television directing at faculty of dramatic arts. Management of C.I.D.C.Y.A. Filmproduction center for 7 years. Producer of more than 70 short and long feature films. Screen writer of live and animation films. Director of the documentaries traders; Bam citadel’ Establishment’ The look’ palm tree; beyond the borders. Director of short feature films including me me; wild lilies. Director of long feature films the key; The Jar little man; oil children; Hamoon and Darya; A time to love’ first stone’ hotch potch.


He has made 26 video docus for Iran national oil company, and myriad minutes of docus and features for kahrizak sanatorium, Vali-Asr Rehab center ad other similar in stitutes. Recipient of more than 50 awards from international film festivals (Soa Paolo, Chicago, Boston, Locarno, Frankfurt, Cinejunior, Cannes Cine Junior, Belfort, Madrid, Avanca, Olympia, Giffoni, Carrousel, Cinekid, Heydarabad, Dunkerque, Brughes Aubervilliers, royal archive, Vinna, Sokku, Cairo, student film club of the Czech republic, holsion, zelin, likass, an official citation for life achievement from CIFEJ. A jury member at international festivals of Locarno, cine junior, and heydarabad.

A jury member at domestic festivals of Fajr, Roshd, and Isfahan Int’l film festival for children and young adults, and some other ones.




Isabel Herguera


Born in San Sebastian(spain), 1961. She was taught at the Dusseldorf Academy of Art by Nam June Paik and also graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts from CalArts in Los Angeles. She worked a while in studios around LAbefore starting her own, Loko Pictures, with Satinder Singh, to create TV commercials for Proctor & Gamble, Fox and HBO. She directed the Catalan festival Animac from 2002 to 2011, and her own films La Gallina Ciega and Ámár have been rewarded at many other festivals.