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Georges Schwizgebel


Schwizgebel was born on 28 September 1944 in Reconvilier, Switzerland. From 1960-65 he studied at the École des

Beaux-Arts et des Arts Décoratifs at Geneva. In 1971 he founded Studio GDS where he produced and directed animated

films as well as working in graphic design. From 1986 to 1995 he worked on retrospectives and exhibitions, among others,

in Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris and New York. In 2002 he was awarded Swiss Film Prize, Best Short Film

for “La Jeune Fille et Les Nuages”. His film, The Man with No Shadow was included in the Animation Show of Shows.

His 2011 short film Romance was chosen as one of five animated shorts nominated for Genie Award. “Romance” a coproduction of the National Film Board of Canada and two Swiss studios, was named Best Animated Short on March 8,

2012 at the Genie Awards, Canada’s equivalent of the Oscars.




Vladimir Leščiov


Vladimir Leščiov (1970, Latvia) finished Art School on Riga in 1989. Since 1992 was working as illustrator, designer and

director for video production companies in Latvia. Studied animation at Konstfacki University College of Arts, Crafts and

Design in Sweden. From 2005 until 2009 teacher of animation at Latvian Academy of Arts. In 2007 founded animation

studio Lunohod in Riga Latvia.

Here are some of his prestigious awards: Special Prize at Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan, 2006- Best Short Animated

Film at Anifest Animation festival in Trebon, Czech Republic, 2007- Great Christopher Award (Lielais Kristaps) for Best

Latvian Animated Film, Riga, Latvia, 2009- Jury Special Mention at 36th International Animated Film Festival CINANIMA,

Espinho, Portugal, 2012- Jury Special Mention from FEC European Short Film Festival Cambrils-Reus,Reus,Spain, 2008.