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Feminine Single Frames


In the beginning way of worlds animation, Because of the special importance of fantasy and imagination in this new media,the most important function portrayed for it, was entertainment.

With the blooming of Disney and appearing other Hollywood entertainment making companies into this industry, this beliefwas intensified that nothing more can be expected of animation but just primal functions.

After the Second World War and forming western and eastern blocks, very soon conflicts of super powers reaches to

cultural areas from political and military areas. This happening causes the production of animation in Eastern Europe as

in confrontation with its western functions. Meanwhile, all this flourished a wave that animators present more personal andabstract issues.

So women animators, their feminine thoughts and looks toward problems entered into animation world. After long yearsconstancy and successes of women, their films whether in creating artistic films or in entertainment areas and also childrenand young adults field, have reached a high place.

So, this section in the 8th edition of Tehran International Animation Festival is dedicated to animations made bywomen.