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History Of Harekat Kelidi Company


Working together on Olympics Project (later renamed to Savvy Man), Siavash Zarrinabadi and Seyyed Alireza Golpaygani

founded the company in 2003. Several episodes of the project won Best Script award in two editions of Tehran InternationalAnimation Festival. One episode of the series was also admitted to the formal section of Annecy Festival in 1999. ItalianSports Film Festival (2002) gave Best Animation Film award to another episode of the series.

The company has also produced many advertising and industrial films. Written and directed by Siavash Zarrianabadi,

Heroes is major project of the company: a series consisted of thirty six 30-minute episodes that use two-dimensional

technique. Men of Valuer is another series that uses three dimensional technique in fifty two 20-minute episodes to portrayair force missions of Iranian army in Iran-Iraq war.

The Gracious Man, a telefilm written by Davood Amirian and directed by Alireza Golpaygani and Behnam Deldadeh, was

produced in 2012. This television film takes a new look at a story associated with Imam Ridha, eights Shia imam buried

in northeastern Iran.

Directed by Ali Derakhshi, twenty six 1-minute Humorous entr’actes using cut-out technique were produced in 2012 by

Alireza Golpaygani and Siavash Zarrinabadi.