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Literature In Animated Frames


In literature, including all forms even verbal and folklore, phrases are the sequence of words which convey meanings andconcepts to the audience. This simple process, when poem and stories are due to be transformed into movie and animation,becomes a hard task for the filmmaker. Translation of those words presenting subjective factors to the sequential framesof objective images asks for a considerable dominance of the filmmaker over literature and animation and also his/herintelligence and creativeness in finding objective images equal to the subjective concepts.

The “literature in animated frames” is a collection of those adaptations of poems, stories and folklore tales in form of

animation, presented to the audience to make a suitable platform of sharing such experiences between all directors frommany parts of the world.

* 3 Polish films in this section have been provided by Piotr Kardas, the independent distributor of animation (animation acrossborders).